"Thank you I met my boyfriend because of you guys ;)" - 23, Nurse, Love Teams of the Decade

"Thanks, Telu! :) I had fun!" - 31, Marketing Manager, Love Teams of the Decade

"It was a really great and fun experience. :) The group was diverse at least from my perspective and I did gain new friends after the event... Keep it up and I'll definitely recommend it to my other single friends." - 26, IT Specialist, Around the World in 15 Dates

"The speed dating was not just for romantic purposes but it also paved way for new friends. It was an awesome event. My friends would love to attend your next speed dating event. If I'm still single by then, I'd definitely go, if not, I'd love to blog about the event on a 3rd person perspective naman. The 5 minute was definitely not enough to really judge someone. Someone I didn't match with sent me a message on Facebook and he's the one I'm talking to more than my matches and I'm quite happy with it. He really did make an effort into searching me in Facebook considering he didn't know my full name nor my email address. Haha!" -  25,  Marketing, Around the World in 15 Dates

"Keep it up. Looking forward to join your future events. :)"- 32, Applications Developer, Around the World in 15 Dates

"I met someone interesting. the event was worth my time." - 30, IT Specialist, Around the World in 15 Dates

"Fun event"- 23, Marketing and Sales Officer, From Siam with Love

"Thank you Darika and to all the organizers... :D When I told some of my girl friends that I attended this event, they said I should have invited them... So, if I'm still single by then, I would probably tag them along. Thanks! More to come! :) Oh by the way, out of the 7 matches I have, only one texted... And so far we're consistently  exchanging messages. Seems like a really nice guy... Has so much to say... We could end up as really good friends... =p" -  35, Entrepreneur, Fifty Shades of Love

"Thanks Telu events. Great job!" - 30, Physician, Fifty Shades of  Love

"Thank you for organizing this event. It really helped me a lot, as far as learning to talk to people is concerned." - 23, Medical Student, Fifty Shades of Love

"Lemme know when you're having another event! You're all wonderful. :D" - 27, Software Developer, Fifty Shades of Love

"Great event. Excellent dinner, desserts and cocktails!" - 33, Cybersecurity Expert, Fifty Shades of Love

"Thank you for the great service! :) Great job on the concept as well, it was very consistent." - 28, Music Teacher, Fifty Shades of  Love

"Hi, I enjoyed the event and credits of Darika she really is very approachable and courteous. I'm very happy to join this event although last minute, but she really is very helpful and understanding." - 23, Technical Consultant, Fifty Shades of Love

"I had a great time spending valentines dating all the girls... They were all pretty and sophisticated... I wonder where you got all of them. :) Haha. The event was very organized! I really liked the setting when we were outside beside the pool... You had comfy chairs and the candle lights which sets the romantic vibe. I like how the place is dim lit because it somehow helped me relax as I was a little nervous initially... I really like the dark atmosphere, I wish you do it every time you have an event like this..  I also appreciate the cards  you have provided in case we ran out of things to say...

The dinner served was superb!

I have to commend your presence of mind when it drizzled that night... You were all prepared and made us move inside the bar. The staff was very accommodating and friendly... I could easily talk to anyone of you and ask for assistance... The organizers were all kind... not to mention, they were all beautiful too. :)" - 26, Marketing Communications Specialist, Fifty Shades of Love

"I really enjoyed the event kudos for you guys of thinking of this brilliant idea of speed dating and making it a reality. ( I thought it only existed in the movies). Thanks for your courtesy in accepting us even though we were last minute registrant. I admire you the organizers, although being just a small team, you have hosted such a wonderful event. The place was nice, good location, splendid view, awesome theme. The food was awesome, at least just for a night we tasted luxury... The crowd was awesome very polite, friendly and strictly professional..." -  22, Technical Consultant, Fifty Shades of Love

"Good job! The event was successful!" - 26, NGO worker, A Night in Paris

"Had a good time and nice themed event. " - 31, Marketing and Market Research Officer, A Night In Paris

"It was a fun event. the participants are diverse and interesting. thanks and good job Telu! :)" - 33, IT Manager, A Night in Paris

"Congrats on the good job! And good luck to your future events. It was quite a very interesting experience. And kudos for choosing the participants. I think most are actually nice and no wierdos. :)" - 31, Accountant, A Night in Paris

"Overall, the organizers did an amazing job with the event. I never thought that speed dating would be that awesome! Congratulations! Keep it up!" - 29, Telecom Engineer, Mystery Affair

"I didn't expect the event to be that fun. I was impressed." - 27, News Reporter, Mystery Affair

"Thanks for a well-organized event!" - 31, Professor, Mystery Affair

"Thanks everyone for the great event. Looking forward to the next one."31, Accountant, Mystery Affair

"Great job, happy to have joined the event." - 35, Senior Marketing and Project Manager, Mystery Affair

"I had fun. I met some interesting people (during and after the event). I'm looking forward to the next one!"  - 31, Materials Developer, Mystery Affair

"I would like to commend the team of organizers who managed to put up such highly satisfactory event. I never thought that I will be enjoying this kind of program, since I have only known this thru the movies. It was a pleasurable experience ?? Keep your flirt on and organize more events like this." - 27, Territory Manager, Mystery Affair

 "More upcoming speed date event for single person like me. Sa totoo lang gusto ko yung set up ng event, nakaka-break ng ice tapos enjoy maka-meet ng mga ibang professional people, nakaka-relax. Nakakilala pa ako ng ibang tao sa labas ng office routine. Hindi lang date pero nagiging kaibigan ko ang mga nagiging ka-match ko." - 26, Senior Design Engineer, Serendipity

  "I had fun during the activity! I get to know other people, not only guys but girls as well! :)" - 25, Business Analyst, Serendipity

  "Keep up the good work! The event was well organized, from the orientation to the giving out of matches." - 28, Lawyer, Serendipity

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