Most speed daters are professionals who want to meet more people other than 
THEIR work and circle of friends just like you. Since speed dating is a new concept,
our participants are mostly the ones who try out new things before the rest of society. 
Telu Events tailors our guests list According to age,
age group and personality profiling, so we make sure that everyone will find THEIR matches.

Our age range is only a guide, if you are slightly under or above the age limit you
are still welcome to register and attend.

Yes, it is long enough to know Whether you would like to invest
a few hours getting to know each other for another date. In the same way, it can be a
long time with someone you "do not connect" with.

Something you feel comfortable and confident with.

Yes, most speed daters come alone, but if you wish to bring your friend.
They will need to register for the event also.

You will be contacted by us Within 48 hours of the event to
INFORM you of your matches through email.

Of course not! Most participants both male and female are a bit nervous and
the beginning, but once the speed dating session has started, participants' gets
more and Ease and is relaxed throughout the event.

We'll provide your matches with the email address or phone number you gave us
when you registered.

It's easy! Just click on this link

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