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Blood. Black roses. Guns. Candles. Can you keep a secret?

On October 31, let Telu Events present to you a one-of-a-kind Halloween event you shouldn’t missed. 

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Don’t close your eyes just yet, and you might not know who you will find. As a 2nd anniversary treat, Telu Events shall captivate you once again in a Halloween speed dating event you shouldn’t dare missed.

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It’s a mystery how a new person you meet can get your attention and move you out of your comfort zone. Not everyone would find courage to ask for a phone number, or a name, or engage in a small talk .  I used to be one of them.  But the good news is, learning the “confidence trick” when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex is is a matter of practice.



Has anyone heard about Speed dating? That common scene from different foreign films? Yes! Exactly, thats it! But, Speed Dating in Philippines? Uuhhhggg.. yes, there is!

Last Saturday, April 25, I was able to experience how it was like to date 17 guys in 3hours. You read it right, 17! 17 freaking gorg guys! Read on.

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There’s probably no better place to find your match than in Paris, the city of love. But as it’s literally more than 10,000 kilometers away from Manila, for Telu Events’ fifth speed dating event, they chose the Paris-inspired cafĂ© Staple and Perk.

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Say salut to who could be your next mon amour on a breezy, summer evening!

Telu Events invites you to their 5th speed dating event, A Night in Paris, on April 25, 2015 at Staple and Perk Bakery, Ecoplaza Building, Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City.
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I wonder what you did over the weekend... Others may greatly dislike Valentine's Day - Bad past? Felt cheated? Mostly break-ups and couldn't get over it!

We tend to question: Why am I still stuck hurting?

Calm down and just breathe - make it a long good one... It was just a day! Self realization of a simple mistake that we only need to examine closely and maybe we're all just looking for pain at times.

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Instead of wearing red, wear grey this Valentines’ day!
Telu events and Oz Bar, in cooperation with Pink Parlour Philippines, Peekawoo, Aficionado Germany Perfume and Witty Will Save The World, Co., present Speed Dating: 50 Shades of Love. 

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Incessant chatter equals resounding success! And in 50 Shades of Love, incessant chatter came in the form of pleasant conversations about travel, food, work and many more.
While the rest of the world was going crazy in love at the cinemas, Telu Events held their own blockbuster event at the Oz Bar last Valentines’ Day. During this event, participants had the chance to date not one, not two, butforty-nine (49) beautiful people!

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a lot of couples are now planning their activities. Photos of couples and articles about “love” will start to invade our news feed. Red roses and chocolates will once again proliferate malls and cut-out heart shapes will be seen everywhere. Read the full article here

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Hello, friends!

I know it's been too long since My last post. You see, I had to sell my Piolo (my laptop) and for the longest time I found it hard to post anything. But I'm done grieving now and in line with my theme for this year of making things happen, I am now blogging through my iPhone (find a way!). 

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Need a date on Valentines Day? I can give you 25.

TeluEvents and Oz Bar will hold a Speed Dating Event on Valentines Night, February 14, 2015. At the Roof Deck of Holiday Inn & Suites Makati, 25 pairs of ladies and men will enjoy a full meal. Everyone will have the chance of exchanging thoughts with members of the opposite sex. Numbers will be given out and smiles will be seen. You should not be anywhere else but here.

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Filipinos are one of the most romantic people on earth! In fact, The Philippines has constantly ranked no.1 in global "searches" for the word "LOVE" ON Google. That said, I am sure you are looking for date ideas on Valentines...CLICK HERE TO READ THE  WHOLE LIST


Just because you're single now doesn't mean you always will be. enter speed dating, which may just be your ticket to finding that special one. And if not, hey, at least it'll be memorable...Read more here

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I'm betting a lot of couples are now busy looking for the most romantic date this coming season of the hearts. We've been seeing a lot of choices already and it's a bit frustrating to have to choose among the various romantic dinner shows and concerts that seems to be all good. I would love to be part of a show where my partner and I would swoon in delight while we get serenaded by our favorite singers. Check the whole post here!

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If you’ve been dying to see the movie 50 Shades of Grey on February 14, or an avid fan of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel, you wouldn’t want to miss Telu Events’ Speed Dating for Valentine’s day.
Read more here

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Hearts and arrows is not limited to the love month of February, right? Telu Events believes cupid can go shooting even on a rainy month like August so they’re hosting their third speed dating event this coming August 09, 2014 entitled “Speed Dating: From Siam with Love.” READ MORE HERE

Thai Iced Tea, delicious pasta, and rice cakes were all distractions to the mindset of me dating almost a dozen women in one night. These type of distractions are what I would welcome any day, any time. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

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“Someone out there is waiting to love you.”  Check!
But what if both of you are just waiting?  What if the prince of your dreams has become passive and stopped the search, or is too busy in the modern day world to rescue a damsel in distress?  What if your dream girl was such a fan of Tangled and just stayed in the tower, or got stuck with her daily routine? How will you ever meet?
From Siam with Love, a speed dating night organized by Telu Events last August 9, 2014 was a success!  Congratulations to the Irene, Darika and Maiah (event organizers) for putting up a fun activity. Yes, yes,, i was there.. and HERE'S MY STORY.

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Are you single? Want to mingle with the opposite sex? As they always say, “The third time’s a charm”, and we say it definitely is! READ HERE

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Kaka-install ko pa lang ng Tinder app sa aking Cherry Mobile Flare. Nakita ko kasi sa status ni [KnP02]Dramaking na may nag-aaway na mag-jowa dahil sa isang dating app. Nang basahin ko ang comments, dun ko nakita ang word na Tinder. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

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Telu Events is bringing another speed dating event to Manila! For the curious, the event will be held at Cab Cafe, 18 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig. READ MORE HERE!
If there’s anything I’ve learned from lurking Reddit–apart from the good ol’ “Don’t stick your d— in crazy”– it’s this: To get the girl, you need to 1) Be Attractive, and 2) Don’t Be Unattractive. And while it doesn’t really hold true for me (because I’m mostly an equal opportunity dater, hah!) it holds true for most guys. These visual creatures love aesthetically pleasing girls it’s not even funny. I’ve dated a few people in my lifetime, and one guy in particular will forever be remembered as That Jerk for having the gall to break up with me just because I “didn’t look good all the time”. It’s a huge blow to anyone’s ego, for sure. I digress. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

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Specialized in organizing themed speed dating events, Telu Events will now focus on the theme on travel. All participants will receive Telu customized passport and boarding pass upon registration and the venue will be designed with travel paraphernalias. One will be able to date 15 people in one night at 5 minutes each and leave the rest of the matching to the organizers. READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE

Welcome to the wedding month of June! We're not gonna talk about bouquets, bridal gowns or honeymoon destinations today. Let's step back a bit and make June an extension of the Valentine's Month as we discuss about... speed dating. READ MORE HERE
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If you have never tried speed dating, then you’re missing out!

Did you know that it doesn’t take one whole night to know you’ve met a good one? It only takes 3 seconds!  In the speed dating system created by Telu events, you will be able to date 20 people in just one night. Each date will run for about 4 minutes. If participants are mutually interested, contact information will be exchanged by the organizers. READ MORE HERE

Add captionIn the lobby they gave me my kit: a big name tag, a checklist of the ladies that will be attending (so I can mark “yes” or “no”), and a dating guide with some helpful tips for the socially inexperienced. Oh and a cookie, which is great because I love cookies. READ MORE HERE

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